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City Views


Peter the Great,
a site where wedding parties like to meet and to take photos

View to Peter + Paul Fort

View of Strelka (tip of Wassili island)

From Strelka view to Peter+Paul Fort
Another favourite site for wedding parties

Navy museum

This ship houses a restaurant & fitness-club

Peter-Paul cathedral in the background

Peter-Paul cathedral and its 122m spire

Battle cruiser Aurora


Winterpalace  (Eremitage)

Evgenis home is located behind the TV-Tower

Kunstkammer (Museum) on Wassili Island

View from Strelka to Isaak-Cathedral & Admirality

View from Strelka towards bridge

View to Strelka from northern side

View from Peter+Paul fort to Strelka, Admirality
and winterpalace (below)

A walk along Newskij Prospekt

Everyday crowded with tourists

Railway station Moscow

Houses in a side street

Admirality in the background. Fortunately they have banned advertisement signs over the street to keep the view clear

One day I saw huge crowds standing in line and waiting up to 5 hours. Reason: A special icon arrived back from the USA and was displayed here before being transferred to a monastery in Tichwin. For that event the Patriarch from Moscow arrived, also.

Some houses are still blemished by this kind of advertisements. It seems to have occurred often, as I saw on an old photo of a calendar.

Old Duma

Resurrection Church

In front of the Kasan Cathedral

A side street converted into a pedestrian zone. In preparation for the 300 anniversary in 2003 a lot was renovated or newly created.
25. Jul 2004   Jürgen Bartels
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