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City Views

Winterpalace and its square

Mariinski Theater (right)

on the Marsfield
nice decorated bridge

On Wassili island I found this nicely arranged pedestrian zone.

Nikolaus Marine Cathedral

Largest mosque in the North of Russia

View direction Marsfield

Branch into the Millionaire-Street
View from Marsfield back to bridge
Pushkin-Monument in front of Russian Museum

Recreation park on Krestovski Island
not far away from Evgenis home

This is a nice but expensive restaurant in a German style.
Tatjana accompanied us.

View across little Newa to Wassili Island

Night views when the bridges start to open

still closed (Resurrection Church in background)

The timetable when bridges do open is printed in the yellow pages

Strelka, Admirality in background
This photo looks north and depicts the white night. All other photos look south since we were standing on the north side of the river. We did not go to the south side because we didn't want to wait for their closure to go home. The decorative lighting of the bridges was put in place just before the 300 year anniversary (2003)
The TV tower got its lighting in 2003

it is 3:35

now open (on the right), unfortunately only has a few position lights

The Metro stops operating after midnight, so you need to find other transportation means.

it is 2:35

Afterwards at 03:35 we go shopping, and it is still pretty busy in the supermarket. After taking this picture (left) a guard showed up insisting to stop taking photos. Evgeni, mad about this, argued he should see this as a free advertisement. But it didn't help. The same thing we experienced when trying to take a picture in a pub. A lot of "of old time thinking" still remains in peoples head.

St. Petersburg is a 24/7 city, all shops are open 7 days a week and many even 24 hours a day, not only in the summer. We often went shopping in this supermarket at 23:30, and it was very crowded, similar to what I see in Germany at around 17:00.

The assortment of products was simply amazing, almost more than we in Germany get. Cheese from Germany was the cheapest, so we bought that. Nuts from the southern hemisphere (Australia), not offered in Germany during the summer. Milk (Russian) was only slightly cheaper than in Germany, but for natives therefore pretty expensive

25. Jul 2004   Jürgen Bartels