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Second weekend on the Datscha

Hard to believe, but here live small lizards that are now sun bathing.
I wonder how they manage to survive the harsh winter temperatures

Before handing over a present a little game has to be played, here a pen attached to the back has to be navigated into a glass.

Pretty long distance to Murmansk

The villa of a "New Russian"

The construction business is really booming in this city!

 Bathing in a nearby see

Today it's Yuris birthday, of course the youngest has to sit next to him.

after a few rounds ....

In the late hours Saschka grabs his guitar and plays, Dimka and the others sing along. The youth however refrains from it.

Last coffee before going to sleep.
This time it is quite dark, since it got cloudy.

Some photos on the way back to St. Petersburg
Ivangorod lies at the border with Estonia
25. Jul 2004   Jürgen Bartels